Sunday, October 25, 2009

A couple rainouts, and Bud's WS could end on Thanksgiving

Thanks to the "three days of fun and music, and nothing but fun and music," which followed the end of round one -- courtesy of Bud Selig's Pre-Super Bowl Extra Week of Hype marketing model -- MLB now finds the World Series competing not only with the NFL and Halloween, but the NBA, the NHL and "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving."

Of course, the quest for TV ratings is blamed for everything. That is, after all, the most important factor in every MLB decision.

Too bad about the fans who go to games. Their only value is as studio props. By now, their face paint, clown clothes and signs are reminiscent of how Burbank trash once dressed to get Monty Hall's attention in "Let's Make a Deal." Aren't they zany! Isn't this wonderful! They paid $500 to sit in freezing rain dressed like Jaba the Hutt!

November is a hell of a time to play baseball in NYC. Every rainout increases the chance for a snow-out or worse -- a Perfect Storm game. (See: Last year, Philly v. Tampa.) Eight days will have passed since last Saturday -- Sheesh, it seems a lifetime -- with such a quagmire that nobody blamed Izturis for not feeling the ball in his hands.

Over those eight days, we'll have played three games.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. If the Yankees weren't in this, I would obsessively ignore it.

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dadlak said...

And it could get worse as Minnesota opens their open air stadium next year. A Minny-Colorado Series in November. Fun!