Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Direct Slap to Face of SuperFrankenstein, Phillies Drop Miguel Cairo from WS Roster

Over the years, one certain player always found a way to solve SuperFrankenstein's needs.

And they are ample needs.
That man... Miguel Cairo.

First, as a Yankee. Later, as a Seattle... uhm.. Supersonic?

Now he's gone. GONE.


Knobby said...

Miguel Cairo is one of the most underrated players in baseball. He gives you a decent bat and good defense wherever you put him. I miss him

adam said...

Miguel Cairo is replacement level at best. His bat is miserable and his defense is declining because he's so fucking old.

Tree said...

Miguel Cairo is a turkey among gods.

Mustang said...

This is the mistake the Phillies will look back on when THE YANKEES ARE HOISTING NUMBER TWENTY-SEVEN.

Buhner's Ghost said...

What turkeys. It's almost enough to turn all Cairo fans to the Yankees side for the Series. Almost, but hey, let's get real.