Friday, October 30, 2009

Exclusive: A Scientific Analysis of the THUUHs in John Sterling's 2009 Post-Season WinWarbles

Probably the celebrated aspect of the modern WinWarble is the THUUUH. Though commonly hyped by the media and mimicked by the fanbase, the THUUUH remains one of the most elusive and misunderstood elements within mainstream Yankeeology.

The following represents our first true attempt to discern the pitch, timber and fundamental fabric of the THUUUH, as sampled during the warble-heavy 2009 post-season.

As longtime Yankeeologists, we at IT IS HIGH believe clinical breakthroughs are near, and humankind may soon understand the essential meaning of THUUUH.

This is only the beginning.


Brian said...


I'm Bill White said...


Alphonso said...

This is the beginning of a break through. Like being, finally, on the cusp of a cure for cancer.

Keep up the funding grants. Hire the scientists.

You have my full support.

adam said...

I just cried laughing. Great stuff.

dadlak said...

Sheet music, please! Broadway shows have been based on less.

Roll over Haydn said...

Interesting chord progression. Is John working on the 13 note atonal scale?

Pure mastery.

How does he remember the pitch from the previous game, let alone a week ago (that would be two games ago to those unfamiliar with Bud Weaselig)?

OpusOne said...


This is how enhanced warbles need to be measured.

Ross said...

Amazing. Nobel Prize forthcoming.