Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Baseball Issues" that Bud Selig's new select committee (which includes George Will -- ughh!) should ponder

Excessive use of rank sexual imagery in TV game commercials.
Can we please get back to basics?

The use of needless graphics.

Disturbing TV commercials that
frighten children.

The disgraceful littering of dugouts by players.
Trash cans, please?

The presence of disembodied, death-mask zombies
watching from behind home plate.

The scandalous use of sex to sell products during game TV commercials.

Elect She-Fan to the committee. Now.


Anonymous said...

What do you have against George Will?

She-Fan said...

Thank you. If appointed to the committee, I will make sure that John Sterling references this blog after every single Yankees home run.

Unknown said...

Why on Earth do you object to the use of Mexican beer to sell the concept of tall blondes? Or am I missing something here?

Ah! NOW I understand.....the Mexican beer should, instead, be draped (tastefully, of course) across the hood of a red sports car!

(We British sometimes are a little slow on the uptake, I'll admit.)