Friday, December 18, 2009

Yankee youth movement in full-stride with capture of coveted former future batting crown winner Nick Johnson

Well, it takes a big hombre to say he's wrong.

Me? Well, I wuz el Wrongo de la Bano in what I habla yesterday about signing Nick Johnson.

For some reason, I had it in my head -- I must've dreamed it, silly me -- that the Yankees ditched Hideki Matsui because they wanted more flexibility in the DH slot, in part because somebody -- you know what? I must've confused us with KC! my bad! -- was saying that Jorge, Derek and Arod needed days off next year.

Showz what I know. El Stupido.
Adding Nick to the Number 2 hole is a huge upgrade over Johnny Damon. Looking back, I wonder how we won with such a stiff batting second. Nick gives us speed and a good eye -- can anybody recall Damon ever drawing a walk? Nope, not me! -- plus a solid back-up at first base! As for only hitting 8 home runs -- feh! -- Kevin Long can rearrange Nick's stance! The fact is, Jeet and Jorge won't need days off. Hell, we're paying 'em a lot of money -- and we don't have any! Haven't you been listening? WE DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY.

And then there's Curtis Granderson. Big youth upgrade, especially considering that we only gave up Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy and Phil Coke! Those guys weren't gonna contribute. Jackson's got potential, but no power. He probably would hit, say, 8 home runs! You can't have a dead zone in your lineup like that? As for Kennedy; we got Mitre and Gaudin! Coke? Didn't you see how Damaso Marte pitched in the playoffs? He's back!
OK -- Curtis does have the 145 strikeouts, the .215 average against lefties and an inability to judge fly balls... but Kevin Long can rearrange his stance!

Fact is, Johnny wanted money. And we called his bluff. Nobody does that to the Yankees. NOBODY! We have no money. The coffers are bare. Haven't you been listening? THEY HAVE NO MONEY, PEOPLE! NONE.

I was wrong. Don't know what got into me.


Joe De Pastry said...

I thought this off-season was going to be all about acquiring pitching, pitching, and more pitching.

dadlak said...

Ghost of Moonlight Graham thinks Cashman did well replacing Damon and Matsui with Granderson and Johnson.