Monday, December 28, 2009

Halt Construction on the new Giant Stadium NOW!

Cut the power, halt the dozers, send the workers home.

Why is humankind building a new stadium for this wretched pockmark on the earth known as the New York Futebol Giants?

The Giants? If they need a stadium, how about the mudhole in Moosic, the one that drains twice a year. Let them play there next year. Or Trenton. They belong in Double A.

Every Yankee fan who roots for the Giants understands karma. We won big in 2009. We suffered big in 2009. Frankly, I'll take the Championship ring. But watching the Giants blow Sunday's game -- that was a humilation for the ages.

A new stadium? What for?

They should never have built it anyway. If the Giants had any class, any sense of traditon, any belief in legacy, they would have left the Meadowlands and moved back to the old Yankee Stadium.

Yes. You heard me. The real Yankee Stadium. They could have saved it.

Let them play at Grossingers in the Catskills. Let them call Solvay their home. Let them go. What a disgrace. Sam Huff, where are you?


dadlak said...

From winning the 2008 Super Bowl to Solvay? That's rough!

Joe De Pastry said...

Screw Los Gigantes.
I thought this was a Yankees/Sterling blog.