Monday, December 2, 2013

Yankees trade Chris Stewart to Pittsburgh for another bucket of fried chicken

The Yankees today traded catcher Chris Stewart to Pittsburgh for what is expected to be an obscure low-end prospect, meaning the Yankees are cornering the market on obscure former Pirate minor leaguers.  (See A.J. Burnett for Diego Moreno and Exicardo Cayones.) 

We weren't going to offer Stewart a 2014 contract, so at midnight, he would become a free agent. Apparently, Brian Cashman - who graciously let Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain leave without getting anything in return - decided he needed to get something - anything with two lungs and a liver - for Stewart, whom we obtained from the Giants two winters ago for RP George Kontos.

Kontos has pitched in nearly 100 games for San Francisco. He's 28 and two years ago had an ERA of about 2.50. Last year it rose above 4.00.

I liked Stewart. Always will. He played hard. In his first year for us, he hit .241 - well above expectations. But last season, he had to play every day, and it didn't work for anyobody. Stewart hit .211 - and if there can be such a thing as a weak .211, he hit it. He'll back up Russell Martin and help that team. Let's wish him the best.

Next on the block: Jason Nix?


John M said...

Where did Joba go? Did I miss that signing?

In today's long but not bad investigation of the A-Rod case:

KD said...

Stewart made at least one overwhelmingly great play for us, leading Mustang to worship him as God. That will be my memory of Chris. He played hard but just wasn't fit for the role of starter.

John M said...

Very true, KD. Although I have always been fond of fried chicken.