Thursday, August 15, 2019

Real Baseball Tonight

No more Birds.

No more, " we'll win them all as long as the weather holds..."

Real baseball returns tonight, in the form of the Cleveland Indians.

A team that has just been embarrassed by Boston.

A team that is very much " in the hunt."

This is a true test for the Yankees.

Of our pitching and of our line-up.

I think Judge wakes up tonight.

I think Duque has a beer tonight.

Cheers to you all.


Parson Tom said...

Cheers to you, sir! The sun is over the yardarm, somewhere, and I do believe there's some Irish whiskey in the cabinet that's just itching to be poured, perhaps with a few beer chasers.

I am resolved not to sweat the remaining schedule too much. Don't know if I can actually live up to that resolution. As you say, the competition will be greatly improved from Baltimore, and perhaps the Yankees feel the need to show the contenders who's boss. I would prefer that they continue to win series and pile up wins, but as long as they don't go on an extended losing streak, all is good and their position is assured.

I like winning championships, but unless the 1964 version of Mel Stottlemyre shows up soon, our guys are undermanned on the mound and only the third best team in baseball. Still, I say let's drink to the fact that it's been a great season.

Alphonso said...

So, how are you feeling this morning?

Whiskey and beer can only take one so far.

Then, reality bites.

Where are we?