Sunday, October 6, 2019

Meanwhile, the investigation continues...


I mean, the investigation into whether the suspended Domingo German did or did not slap (or worse) his wife (girlfriend?) at home or in public.

I'm sure that, even as we speak, MLB's crack gumshoes are delving deep into the whole tangled (or at least mysterious) story of that which for German has already been disappeared for.

It could not possibly be that the MLB officials in charge are, say, chilling out and watching the games, and performing whatever unctuous media services are needed for the duration of the playoffs and World Series.  Right?

Not possible, because the investigation had to be so imminent.  And it was so deep and complex that we should not be at all surprised that it's already lasted for half-a-month.  Right?

My prediction?  Results will be forthcoming sometime after October 30th, the last day of the World Series.  Maybe 4-5 days later, when baseball will be fading from the headlines and this won't be a big black eye for the sport.

Gee, what a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

They are not going to interrupt the WS with something like that. It'll certainly be after it.

JM said...

He should've just shot his garage. That goes faster.

HoraceClarke66 said...

My point exactly! This was all for p.r. reasons. Had he slapped his girlfriend in July (or whoever, whatever), it would all be over by now.

Bad timing.