Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Your Evening's Entertainment... view of the rainout.  Adler, Ross, and I have already gotten to work on the musical version.  Here's a sample:

Whenever I’m
From time to time
And the trauma wells
And swells
Within my breast
I find some pride
Deep inside 
Of me
As I proudly walk
The lane of memory…

I see Martin, a mean one,
If ever I seen one,
Turning Brooklyn’s dreams into a lovely blaze!
And what about our Reggie
Giving LaSorda a wedgie?
Yeah-heh-heh, those were the good old days!
I see Bucky a-homerin’
And the Sox goin’ home an’
Yaz popping up like he was in a daze!
And that glorious morn
Harry Frazee was born!
Yeah-heh-heh, those were the good old days!
I sit in my rocking chair
Peacefully rocking there,
Counting my blessings by the score!
Beating Braves was in fashion,
Kicking Cubs was our passion,
Each year held a new joy in store!
Was anybody happy? 
(Outside of the Bronx?)
I see Whitey a munchin’
On a Whiz Kids luncheon.
The years may have flown but the memory stays!
How Ichiro’s hopes were dashed,
When the Mariners crashed!
Yeah-heh-heh, those were the good old days!
I’d watch a million ads or more
Just for some of the gore
Of the good




TheWinWarblist said...

That was so beautiful ... [sniff sniff]

TheWinWarblist said...

Giving Lasorda a wedgie. Genius. Brava! Brava!

13bit said...

Imagine Lasorda with a wedgie and a pacifier in his mouth...

HoraceClarke66 said...

Thank you, music lovers!

Anonymous said...

Consider my straw boater tipped to you sir.

Doug K.