Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How did we lose? Eight Girardi moves that backfired

We love Joe. We're not going Grady Little on him. Everybody has a bad day.

But, yeeesh, EVERY MOVE he made yesterday backfired.

Every frickin' move.

1. He goes out to talk to Pettitte just before the HR pitch to Vladimir Guerrero. Whatever he said, it didn't work.

2, He takes out Pettitte, brings in Joba. Bam. We're down a run.

3. He takes out Hideki too early, leaving Arod with no protection.

4. He lets Gardner run on an 0-1 count. Everybody in the park is thinking the same thing: Pitchout.

5. He replaces Marte, the lefty specialist, with Coke, the lefty specialist. Bam. Coke gets hammered.

6. He bats Hairston for Gardner. Hairston looks terrible.

7. He replaces Damon with Hairston in left. Seems smart at the moment. We lose Damon's bat.

8. Aceves.

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