Friday, December 6, 2013

Robbie Cano, don't cha know? The jogger reportedly has signed a 10-year deal with Seattle.

Oh well. At least we'll have something to be thankful for in 2017.

Quick hits:

1. For a change, it's nice to have another team pay for all those great Yankee seasons.

2. Can't blame him, really. Cannot blame him. Money is money. And if a team wants to live by free agency, it must be prepared to die by free agency.

3. I would feel better today if the Yankees had tendered David Adams a contract. I cannot understand why we let him go.

4. Everybody knows Robbie is making a huge mistake. That's the saddest part of this. He will be naked in a lineup on a team that never plays in October. He will become Seattle's version of the Angel's Albert Pujols.

5. We may actually have a pick in the first two rounds of the June 2014 draft. (Assuming Curtis Granderson signs with another team.) Otherwise, we might as well have not shown up until the evening.

6. I would like to see Hal issue one simple statement: Congratulations to Robbie Cano, who will never ever, as long as he is alive, appear again in a Yankee uniform. He talked himself out of New York, and all the loyalties that come with it, for a few extra dollars. No problem. But the book is closed: The Yankees will never again trade for or sign Robbie Cano. If he makes it into the Hall of Fame, he must wear a Mariners cap. We won't supply him with a NY.

7. Jay-Z has not done his own musical career any favors. At best, here, he get remembered as a money-grubbing agent, who writes songs about New York, but he doesn't really give a damn about it. This is not the image that befits a Bronx icon. He should not go parading around town in Yankee cap. If he appears at a Yankee game, and his picture shows up on the Jumbotron, he should expect to be booed. 

8. Nothing has changed. We need pitching, pitching, pitching.  And the next guy - I guarantee - he will run out ground balls.


Mustang said...

God damn it. Son of a bitch. Jesus pants-shitting Christ. Motherfuck.

KD said...

Fuck JZ. No more of his stupid songs at the stadium. If he ever shows up and has the nerve to wear a Yankee cap, we will lynch him. he should be roundly jeered if he ever shows his face in any borough.

KD said...

Heard Granderson got another year from the Mets and signed.


enjoy the gloom of Seattle. don't let he moss grow on your lazy ass.

Alphonso said...

Maybe we can sign Dustin Pedroia for more than they are paying Robinson.

The only thing I will miss is his superior talent on defense. No one ever turned a better double play; no one was ever more reliable on defense in big moments.

I hope KD is correct. If so, theMets have just signed on for 200 strike outs at big moments, and about 100 double play grounders to end potential rallies.

I would be so happy if we had a any player under 30.

Maybe, along with the changes in the climate, ballplayers only get to the majors now at age 30, earliest.

Maybe, we have just had our eyes shut for the past decade.

Maybe I need a drink.

Leinstery said...

As KFC or barstoolsports said, The real loser in all of this is JayZ. He has two clients and one is about to spend the rest of his career in obscurity and the other is Geno Smith.

And KD, lynch has to be one of my favorite words ever. Both a last name and an act of brutality and evil. Just a top notch word. You might want to legally claim all forms of the word lynching because don't be surprised when he turns that shit on you and names his next album Red Summer. He'd being getting the last laugh by making money off of your ideas.

John M said...

The New York song by Jay Z totally sucks. Every time I hear it, I cringe. What a piece of crap. I'm used to pop songs having one, maybe two ideas, but that one has zero.

Fuck Cano. They'll boo him in Seattle, watch. You don't get that kind of money and jog to first. Not if you don't want to get pelted with pennies and 'expresso' cups.

KD said...

Leinstery: "Red Summer" is what Mr. Beyoncé will probably name his next kid.

bennyboy said...

AMEN! is Ellsbury worth 7 years at $153 million, and Cano worth 7 years at $175 million? Can someone please explain this to me?

Alphonso said...

I don't wish to beat a dead horn, but I recall stating, when Robbie first opted for free agency, that he should get 10 years and, maybe, 500-600 million.

How close did I come?

Does anyone pay attention?

You can make book on my predictions.

I am so bullish on 2014. Can't wait for spring training so I can fine-tune my predictions.

Carlos Beltran at 38; Minnie Pearl at second; Tex on the DL; A-Rod sailing with 6 inflatable dolls in Biscayne Bay. Derek using a walker, but still running hard.

It is going to be epic.