Friday, December 6, 2013

"Today... December 6, 2013... a date that will live in infamy... the New York Yankees of America were suddenly and brutally attacked..."

Jogging off to Seattle
200 more strikeouts for the Mets


Leinstery said...

Although Cano is the bigger traitor, we mustn't let Gene Wilder off the hook. Let us not forget that it was his ridiculous, yet amazing, homerun call that prompted MLB's witch hunt of you. And now that he is no longer on the team, I am begining to think it was an inside job and he tipped them off. GRANDYMAN, I HOPE THEY BURY YOU!

Oh he signed with the Mets? Oh. I take it back. I think we should all chip in 50 cents and send it to him. The Mats are the Somalia of Baseball

Leinstery said...

FUCK. I typed Mats

John M said...

That's OK, Leinstery. We know what you meant.

It's not like I'll miss Grandy or Cano all that much, but we do have a very serious power outage in the lineup now. This is troubling.

John M said...

Quote of the day:

"And as one (Yankees) team insider confided to me last week, "You think the guy doesn't run out ground balls now, wait until he has a guaranteed 10-year contract.""

bennyboy said...

John M,

Please don't quote Wallace Matthews articles. He makes everything up. He also wanted the Yankees to sign Albert Pujols. He's an idiot.

Best regards,

Tom said...

Gotta agree with bennyboy there, John M. Wallace Matthews is a jackass on his best day. Spoon fed by management, he is always hypercritical of the players. Must disagree with you about the loss of Cano. I thought has worth rooting for and will miss him. Grandyman? He can go spread his special KKKandy magic all over Queens.