Monday, January 5, 2015

Jets eyeing the Kim Kardashian of coaches

This mattress-jumper came to Syracuse five years ago and announced that he had found his dream job. Then poof, he was gone to Buffalo, because the Bills job was a dream come true. Now he's running off to the Jets, looking for a new hook-up.

His won-loss records: 23-25 in college, and 15-17 in the NFL. His resume:
Meanwhile, the Giants are going with COACH FOR LIFE Tom Coughlin, and they're apparently not even going to replace the defensive coordinator.

And we wonder why NYC sports are so bad?

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C. Christie said...

Was googling some of my favorite teams and found this blog. I agree with you senior "El Duque".
Who would be a fan of any of the New York area teams except our New York Yankees.