Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prospect guru: Yankees farms "may be the deepest system in the game."

Kiley McDaniel of Fangraphs has broken several big stories about the Yankees in recent months. A former Yankee scout, he was first to write about the team's plan to bombard the international market with money last July. Clearly, he knows people within the Yankees - and for those reasons, a guy might be inclined to see things from their perspective.

Still, McDaniel is the real deal. And he ranks the Yankees as about the 11th best system in MLB (last year,  it was 20th.) This is good news. It's taken three years, but we might have turned the corner.

Monday, he'll write his analysis. It might be the most hopeful news we've had all winter. (Unless the front office uses this as an excuse to pass on Yoan Moncata.)


Alphonso said...

Over-rated BS, designed to get our hopes up. Also, a pre-planned "cover" so that management can get more old hags for pure garbage.

If we have 11th best prospect inventory, that just means we'll come in 11th in the AL.


I'm Bill White said...

Alphonso 2016.

el duque said...

That's me. Hope and Encouragement.