Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stu Miller: The Poem

The words that ruined my seventh grade: "It looks like they're bringing in Stu Miller."


We only need one run to win.
With Mantle up, their lead looks thin.
Party's ready to begin.
And then they bring Stu Miller in...

His lobs, they flutter, dance and spin,
They’ll reach the plate, I don’t know when.
It’s over, call our next of kin.
Dear God, they brought Stu Miller in...

In life, some pitches shave your chin.
While others make your heartstrings grin.
Then... whoosh! You think what might have been,
Had fate not brought Stu Miller in.

1 comment:

Alibi Ike said...

From Friend of Bardball Jim Siergey:

The way that Stu Miller did throwest
was simply slow, slower and slowest
He'd get the job done
then from the mound run
He knew how those Bay winds did blowest