Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photos of evil Bill Belichick caught in the craven act of scheming

"From that utility pole, they could be sprayed 
with the parasite and never even know it."

"Damn. I can't see if  they ate all the infected ham."

"The drone is too low! They'll see it!
Get up, damm you, get up!"

"So... he thinks he won the coin toss, eh?

This man would never scheme.
"If I tell a lie, my nose will fall off."


KD said...

Belichick throws Tom Brady under the bus!

JM said...

Well, that IS a good location to put Brady...

Leinstery said...

If I had a chance to kill Belichick, Brady, and Revis or rescue every hostage from ISIS, I'd pick the former and not feel an ounce of remorse.

That got dark quickly. I'm sorry guys, just haven't been the same since my apartment - I mean John's apartment complex burned.

JM said...

That's OK, Leinstery. It's winter, it's always dark anyway.

ken of Brooklyn said...

Dear Leinstery, you are my HERO!