Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today, let us acknowledge that George Steinbrenner is alive and well; he just has nothing to do with the Yankees

If you're a Yankee fan, and you don't know why so many people hate the Evil Empire - (or used to, anyway; a ,500 team weeds out haters) - here's the best way to visualize it:

Think of the Dallas Cowboys.

No, they don't have 27 world championships. What they have is Jerry Jones, the true heir of old George Steinbrenner.

Not only is Jerry everything that George once was, he's also a groper. And today, as most Yankee fans adopt an "anyone-but-Dallas" mentality to the NFL post-season, we might as well sit back and appreciate Jerry Jones for what he is: The Boss, reincarnate.  

This can be sort of painful. I view Jones as a vile stereotype of the "man's man" billionaire who loves the splatter of blood, as long as none gets on his cowboy boots. When I see him, I always have the same thought: There is no god.  

If he ran the Yankees, I'm not sure we'd be better off. Old George was no great builder of teams. (Most of those who so cherish his memory were born after 1990.) But we would never be bored. And hate Jerry Jones or not, there is something to be said for crazy.
These days, the Yankees have an owner who combs his hair, uses the right fork, replaces divots, is kind to the staff, and adheres to the personal code of conduct, as outlined in the rules and bylaws of the select Blue Ribbon Plantation Owners Membership Committee. He hasn't paid anyone to deliver dirt on a player - (he left that for Bud Selig) - punched out an elevator or tortured a Bobby Meacham. He is a nice man. And in another few years, who knows? maybe nobody will hate us at all.

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