Thursday, April 7, 2016

Scandal: The MLB.COM radio feed cut off The Master's WinWarble

It was maddening, sickening, horrifying.

Andrew Miller threw strike three. John Sterling shouted, "BALLGAME OVER!" And that was it.

Instantly, switched to a Walgreen's ad.

Unfulfilled. Unsatisfied. Unconsummated.


We. Remain. Unfulfilled.


Mustang said...

John must not be silenced.

I'm Bill White said...

Him calling Correa "Korea" despite gentle and kind use of the right pronunciation by Suz was painful. He even went back and forth for a time. But he couldn't sustain it. I say he deserved the hook today.

JM said...

Hey, I've never heard my last name pronounced correctly outside the other Polish folks I knew from my parents' church. You can't stifle a warble like that. It's un-American.

Son of Suzyn said...

Serves you right for listening on and not The FAN on a transistor outside the stadium