Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ever Have A Series Of Bad Experiences With A Car Rental Company?

I have.

For some reason, every time I choose to use ( insert car rental company name here ), I have a miserable experience.

Something goes wrong;

1.  They don't have the car model promised.

2.  The reservation is screwed up.

3.  The car is damaged, though one doesn't see that until it breaks down on the highway.

4.  The gas tank gauge is faulty.

5.  The price is much more costly than imagined.

6.  It smells bad.

The Yankees have, this off season, decided to feast on rentals from the Colorado Rockies franchise.  This is a franchise known for over-inflated cars.

They seem to perform well at altitude, but not at sea level.

Guys who hit for power, now strike out.
Pitchers who dominated at home, now get lit up at home.
Gold glove defenders grow cement hands.
High contact hitters hit into double plays.

The Yankees opting to use Colorado as their farm system, is like the NFL Giants drafting players from Fordham instead of Alabama.

Time to wake up and change rental agencies.

Re-treads from losers is not a great foundation for a road trip.


Joe of AZ said...

And behold your 2019 NY Rockies...

This sucks :(

Joe of AZ said...

This smells of Kahnle 2.0

Local Bargain Jerk said...

And will you be taking the Collision Damage Waiver with your team?

Vampifella said...

For 2019 I'm hoping for a tanking and then a huge sell off all of our recently got assets (like Ottavino) for some top notch minor league talent. Then we can have a wonderful 2021 with a batch of ready rookies and with the purchase of either or both of Trout and Mookie. Oh wait, that's what we WERE supposed to be doing this year, wasn't it? Oops!

But yeah, it was rather obvious we were getting Ottavino. The Yanks signed the other two Rockies just to make him feel more welcomed. I'm totally certain of that.

Either way, the Yanks are 100% without a question over the budget now, so why go for broke and get Manny? I'm sure they can beat the lowly White Sox and get him at 8 years and $26 mil a year, which is reasonable enough for him. I really hate them paying the same price for 3 iffy past-the-sell-by-date players when they could have had one good one for the same price and just trot out a pair of cheap rookies.

In other news, I see Clint Frazier is ready to be traded off, I mean cleared for play. No word if Ellsbury is alive, in the country, abducted by aliens or whatever. I have a sneaky feeling this recent spending by the Yanks is leading to Ellsbury getting off the books and the Yanks still somehow managing to get under the Spending Cap®.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I think we should ALWAYS tank and rebuild. Then we can become fans of the Potential Yankees, and never have to be disappointed by the actual team.

Also, never rent a Chevy Fuze, I'm sorry, "Cruze."

Carl J. Weitz said...

In the 1950's to early 60's the Yankees rented their cars from the Kansas City A's.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Hal has enough left to sign Manny's WIFE... Just a thought... LB (No J)