Sunday, January 20, 2019

Those Capuchins!

Okay, first off, some housekeeping?

Oh, Mr. Duque?  Can we get the final score for the Soccer v. Yankees up there?  It should be, Soccer 392, Yankees 262.  Thank you.  It was just bugging me.

Now, turning to today's NFL can it be that a league which has managed to slow much of its action to a crawl through video replays, STILL manages to get so many of them wrong??

First, the Saints-Rams game, in which not only pass interference but what looked like close to cold-blooded murder was overlooked.

Second, how about that Patriots game??

I mean, it was a mildly interesting contest until the 4th quarter, when suddenly a pack of mischievous Capuchin monkeys apparently got control of the officiating crew and the videotape replay, and reduced the game to complete anarchy.

Hey, as somebody who had no real dog in the fight. I was immensely entertained.  But c'mon.

Those darned Capuchins called what seemed like 572 penalties in the last quarter alone, and decided it was Opposite Day when it came to official reviews.

Catches were ruled no-catch. No-catches were ruled catches. Blatant pass interference was ignored. Iffy-maybe interference was ruled a war crime. Various people were whistled for touching or not touching the quarterback's helmets.  Everybody was offside all the time.  Also, they were holding.  And roughing the passer.

Oh, those Capuchins!

In the end, it was a great win for a great, great pro.  Plus, why the hell did KC ever give him the ball first?  Did they not watch the last game?

Well, the attendance was not cheated, as Casey used to say.  But they were very, very cold.

So say you're the NFL.  You got two games.  One is LA vs. New Orleans.  At New Orleans.  In a dome.  The other is New England vs. Kansas City.  Out in the middle of the Great Plains.  In late January.

Which one do you put in the afternoon, and which at night?  Riiiight.

Anyway, it was fun.  Which you gotta give the monkey.  The NFL, on the other hand, might consider dropping the reviews.  They don't work anyway.


ranger_lp said...

Rams vs. Saints game wreaked of fix.

John M said...

Pats got in by dint of the holy power of crap officials. They waited and waited, and then when it really mattered, they struck to ensure the victory. And a bicoastal Superbowl.

I mean, KC? New Orleans? What kind of ratings are you going to get with them?