Friday, January 4, 2019

Houdini Vanishes

Robertson off to the Phillies. He will be missed.

Houdini gave us many great innings over the years, not least in the none-too-soon-to-be-repeated, 2009 championship year. I guess the best that can be said for this now is that he didn't sign with Forces of Mordor up in Beantown.

This is what we're reduced to: 'Hey, one of our favorite players left, but at least he didn't sign with our hated rival!'


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13bit said...

He was solid - tried in the crucible - learned at the feet of the master, and I will miss him.

The Yankees have become worse than assholes, they have become stupid assholes. You want to know what the plan was all along? Get under the luxury tax and stay under it. "We already have a huge payroll. We don't need to go higher. I NEED MORE MONEY." Hal the Magnificent has spoken!

Fuck you, Brian.

Where are you, Winnie?