Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I just wanna say...

... if the Yankees don't sign either Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, I will feel as though the last two years were a scam by the ownership. 


Anonymous said...

It's actually three years.

They did nothing in 2016 either.

Doug K.

13bit said...

Exactamundo, Doug!

David in Cal said...

They traded for the NL MVP last year. That's not nothing.

13bit said...

David, that's not what Duque and Doug are talking about. They're talking about over-the-top, "do whatever it takes" spending. They're talking about "screw the luxury tax, full speed ahead" spending. They're talking about "fuck the money, this is what we need spending," not "oh, this deal makes sense on paper and let's make a splash" spending that carefully consumes no more than went off the books last year spending.

Also, I might add, he may have been the NL MVP in 2017, but he was the Tomato Can of the Year in 2018. The pervasive trend here is cheapness and bad decisions. You can't pluck one glazed turd from the pile, turn it over in your hands and exclaim: "Oh my, what riches we have."

Welcome to the blog, by the way. I say all this respectfully.


JM said...

"One glazed turd" should be a new Dunkin Donuts item.

Oh, sorry. They call themselves just Dunkin now. Maybe we should just drop the Yankees part of New York Yankees. Or maybe go with Glazed Turds.

Just an idea.

Anonymous said...


Yes. Getting Stanton was, in theory, a very good move. Especially given what they gave up. (Castro - opening the door for Gleybar.) They took on a big salary as well. So it is splashy. I liked the move.

I don't know how long you've been reading the blog so I'll restate this.

I am of the opinion that he will be much better in all aspects of the game this year. I've read that he is a creature of extreme habit (Approaching Mike Mussina levels). So a new league, position (DH and Left field), ballpark, teammates etc. Any of those would throw someone like that off.

He will have his new routines down this year and I'm looking for big things from him.

What Duque, myself, and others are saying is that we've been sold a bill of goods in regards to this off season. The Yankees have one major advantage over most of the rest of the league. They have money. Lots and lots of money. Yet they spend near the bottom on payroll as a percentage of revenue. As 13bit just said, "Screw that."

The team has been on the cusp of success the last two years so, yay. It's time to put them over the top. The Red Sox have won the division the last three years. As 13bit just intimated, "Screw that."

There are two so called "generational players" available this year. They can be had for money. The Yankees have money. Lots and lots of money.

We bought into the whole reset the luxury tax thing. No one wants to spend more for something that should be less. Particularly if the overpay goes to your rivals.

They've reset the tax. It's time to spend. Really spend.

I know that the off season isn't over yet and we might still get what was promised. We just don't trust Hal. It is my belief (and the belief of others here) that he resents the Yankees for being "Daddy's Favorite" when he was growing up.

As John M. has said, "Sign them all and let G-d sort it out." or to put it another way, "Screw that."

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree that signing Stanton was "something." It was a genuine attempt to go over the top.

So were Coops' constant dealing of prospects for duds such as Sonny Gray.

Neither move really worked as we wanted it to but hey, they were genuine efforts.

However, after they were made, the situation changed. Now the farm system is barren and, barring some rare good luck, we are still several players away from winning anything.

So...adjust to the changed situation. This is what big boys do. Yeah, I like homegrown guys, too. It's a bummer that we're probably not going to be able to produce 7-8 incredible starters from the farm.

But now you adjust. Instead, Hal seems to have already allotted the money for that to something else. Buying back YES, building up his fakakta soccer empire, who knows?

But if we got into 2019 with Troy at short, Gardner a starter, and CC actually trying to go every fifth day...we ain't getting out of third place.

TheWinWarblist said...

Someone needs to start pricing a towed Food Stamps Hal banner.