Friday, November 14, 2008

Cash On Top

So I finally took some time off from the rat race around Yankee Stadium, and headed back to South Mexico for my personal "off-season."

I'm sitting at the Cantina bar about 5;45pm when some guy starts blathering about this major Yankee deal that Mr. Cashman has put together.

We turn on the last rabbit-eared tv in the country and picked up a broadcast ( black and white with mostly static and wavy lines ) out of Amarillo ,Texas.

They say the Yankees signed Nick Swisher to play first base next year. I nearly spit out my marguerita and told the guy next to me that the broadcaster is dead wrong.

" The Yankees are going to sign Mark Teixeira for that role, and give him as much as Hank Paulson is giving the unregulated investment banks," I stuttered.

" Why would we sign yet another guy who has no position? He plays first base about as well as Jorge Posada, third as well as Betemit, and outfield as well as Eric Duncan. Meanwhile, he hits like Alberto Gonzalez." And we gave up players for him?

So I called El Duque on my mobile phone, only to learn that he had already posted a highly rational and diplomatic rant on the deal, giving weight to both sides of the argument.

He did point out that the Yankees also acquired Teixeira in the deal, even if not the right one.

Maybe the new Yankee strategy is to low-ball our way into the season, pretend to compete with teams for CC Sabathia et al, and have those teams go bankrupt. Additionally, if everyone on the team can play any position, we'll have extensive depth. Mediocrity not withstanding.

I'm already looking forward to Spring Training.

Eight margueritas later, I still felt funny.

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