Tuesday, November 25, 2008


...like my brother-in-law and I suffered last night as we watched all seventy-something minutes of Headin' Home, the 1920 Babe Ruth starrer/biopic, embedded below. Scoll down, press play and:

  • SEE! Babe in the reform school nice little house he grew up in with his loving Mom and adorable pigtailed kid sister NEITHER OF WHOM EVER EXISTED!
  • SEE! Babe carve a baseball bat from the lucky tree HE NEVER HAD!
  • SEE! Babe enjoy a clear-headed sobriety THAT WAS NEVER POSSIBLE!
  • SEE! "Jokes" that were professionally written AT LEAST TEN YEARS BEFORE HUMOR BECAME FUNNY!
  • SEE! Babe hit a home run! (Sorry! I should have tagged that with a SPOILER ALERT!)
Headin' Home @ IMDB :
Ironically, Headin' Home was partially financed by gambler Abe Attell, a gambler who had helped Arnold Rothstein fix the 1919 World Series...
Headin' Home @ Wikipedia:
Filming of the movie occurred during the baseball season of 1920. with Ruth driving across the Hudson River to Haverstraw, New York, for filming in the mornings, then back across the river to play his games in the afternoons.
Headin' Home @ Amazon:
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4.0 out of 5 stars a great movie about a great man, April 13, 1999
By A Customer
Sample Joke: "Herman wuz a good watch dog when he was awake - HE SLEPT MOST OF THE TIME."


Also, a title card refers to the ballpark as "The national burial ground for grandmothers." WHAT THE EFF? Oh. I think I get it.

So. Cough. Roll 'em:


Anonymous said...

His foster sister "Pigtails?"


Anonymous said...

Didn't you hear the one about Babe Ruth and Jesus teaming up to stop Bud Selig from contracting the MLB a few years ago?