Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If Peavy and Holliday are gone, who's left to trade Cano for?

That is the question.

Not that we must trade Cano, but -- hey -- the R-Dog was our lone chip (assuming we would sign O-Dog, Orlando Hudson) and, frankly, I figured after his Alan Combeslike sleepwalk through September, Robbie had as much chance of returning as Dana Perino. We'd talk him up, sure -- when you're selling a clunker, don't point out scratches in the fender; say it's the best car you ever had, and you plan to keep it.

Keep in mind, that's Cashman's tactic. Remember his confidence in Bubba?

But now that Peavy is apparently staying in Four-A ball, and Holliday will serve a one-year sentence in Oakland ... for whom to we trade Robbie?
Or, for that matter, Phil Former Franchise.

Two possibilites.

1. They're coming back. The Yanks don't plan to trade them.

2. They offered them; San Diego and Colorado noticed the scratched bumpers and said no.

I'm hoping Number 1.

Dana Perino is sorta hot, at least in an evil Tina Fey way.


Anonymous said...

Tis the off season of $$$. There will be no trades.

wading bird said...

We can still trade Robbie and Phil Former Franchise for Roy Halladay.