Thursday, November 27, 2008

George W. Bush Makes Excuses

As his presidency limps toward the finish line, there are still pressing matters for W to address, including “easing the transition” (giving White House tours, deleting emails), building his legacy (leaving unwell-enough alone), and availing himself of one of the most awesome perks of his office or the Pope’s (the ability to forgive and absolve completely and irrevocably).

Yes, one of the few superpowers remaining to a lame duck is the power to grant clemency. As with most things, W trails his predecessors. Clinton let 456 miscreants off the hook. Reagan pardoned 406. This week, Bush played catch-up by issuing clemency and pardons for 16 humans and two turkeys.

What's George W. Bush’s idea of a pardonable crime?

Actually, there are a few:

Devin Timothy Kruse – AWOL

Jackie Ray Clayborn, Roger Paul Ingram – illegal drugs charges

Joseph Daniel Gavin – disorderly conduct while under the influence of alcohol

Lewis Libby – obstruction of justice

Pumpkin and Pecan – a real turkey


Anonymous said...

How come nobody told him to pardon Joba?

Anonymous said...

He could pardon Clemens.

Bandwagon, anybody?

Anonymous said...

He already pardoned himself... but he was burping at the time.


Anonymous said...

Im for pardoning Clemens.

He's a good ol' Texas boy like W.

Lets start the petition, Duque!

Mons Meg said...

Clemency for Clemens!

It IS called the "Department of Justice."