Monday, November 24, 2008

This Guy is Going to Play Thurman Munson in a Movie?

Today's Murdoch Mildew reports that Josh "Glory Days" Lucas will play Capt. Thurman Munson in "Keepers of the Pinstripes," a feel-good movie to be filmed next year.

This looks like our "Rudy."

Good deal, the Yanks getting a "Rudy." You can always use one, they're fine brainwashing tools for impressionable youth, plus -- it's going to really piss off Mets fans, who probably need a "Rudy" more than any team on the planet right now. Fukkem. The way they collapsed these last two years, they can forget it. Nobody going to film them a "Rudy." They deserve a "Heaven's Gate," or a "Titanic," without Kate Winslet.

Watch the Redsocks whine about our "Rudy." Well, fukkem. They had that cheesy "Fever Pitch," and it's been fun watching Jimmy Fallon's career skyrocket ever since. He's Mr. Straight-to-Video. And was that Drew Barrymore or Pia Zadora?

Fact is, we haven't had a "Rudy" since Billy Crystal's "61," which was a made-for-TV "Rudy," and made-for-TV "Rudys" don't count.

Supposedly, this new "Rudy" has Bernie, Gehrig, Babe, et al... which makes it an epic, all-star, Golden Globe-candidate "Rudy." They're talking about Tony Soprano playing the Babe, which would add new meaning to "Calling the shot." Hell, this could the "Rudy" of "Rudys," the "Out of Africa" "Gone With the Wind" "Godfather I and II" two-kleenex blockbuster "Rudy."

I wonder if they'll tear down all the movie theaters, so they can build new ones with luxury boxes?

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