Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lebron to Cleveland: "Worked up over a goddamn $1 (f-bomb) taco!"

Apparently, the season ticket holders to the esteemed Cleveland Cavaliers can't afford a Chalupa from Taco Bell. If the Cavs had scored a hundo the other night, free tacos for everyone.

Instead, LeBron James dribbled down the clock with a paltry 99 on the scoreboard, causing a chorus of boos.

Nevermind the win, the fans wanted their free Chalupas!

Lebron is now angry. Many fans on different Cleveland websites (I know, I was shocked they have internet in that city too!) have opposing takes. Check out what Candice had to say (scroll all the way down.)

Perhaps this is just further proof for LeBron that when he is eligible for free agency, he should consider New York or New Jersey. The fans and people in this corner of the world don't need gimmicks or discounts in order to get a taco.

Paging the New York Knicks.

Here are LeBron's exact comments on the situation:

“I can’t believe people who buy season tickets get worked up over a g– d— $1 (blank) taco.”

Imagine being known as the cheap-ass city and low-rent fans that ran possibly one of the greatest players of his generation out of town over a free chalupa?

Hey LeBron:

Start Spreadin' the News... Your leaving someday...

New York, New York!

Thinks about it!! You and CC will be the Kings of NYC!!!


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that Lebron is a Yankee fan. It's sort of a stake in the heart of Cleveland fans.

Any way of getting Tom Brady to come over?

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady?
No thanks. We've already got Tony Romo.