Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yanks Should Trade Mussina Now

We've got maybe six hours before the news hits the West Coast.

That means 10 or 12 hours before it reaches San Diego.

The Padres want to unload Jake Peavy.
We can offer them a 20-game winner, a lock for the Hall, a Stanford degree, a madcap twinkle in the eyes, and the darling rural Pa. accent. I say we package Moose, Darrel Rasner (Think they read the Rasner story?) and a prospect -- Gerritt Cole! -- for the San Diego Chicken. If necessary, we'll throw in Kei Igawa, and they can throw in some houses currently under foreclosure. They always liked Kei Igawa. And by now, he's honed a cute rural Pa. accent.

Let's git'r done! Now! This is the kind of all-out, get-yer-suit-dirty hustle we expect to see next year from Robbie Cano. The least we can do is show it in our front office.

And by the way, $12 million just dropped from the sky. Shall we buy ourselves a Redsock captain?

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