Friday, November 7, 2008

What the Good People of Dana Point Were Talking About During the G.M. Meetings

True -- yes, gasp! true -- comments on the Dana Point Topix board over the last few days, while the esteemed general managers of MLB were gathered to ponder the future of Sergio Mitre.

Topic: Did anyone else in San Clemente see a UFO at 1:10 p.m. Sunday?
From Bob: I didn't see it on sunday, But two nights ago I saw a fast I mean 1200 mph fast fixed wing air craft. It was flying so high It was dimly illuminated by the sun from the other side of the earth. It made no sound and was going from north to south. It has to be a spyplane.

Topic: Magical time for Red Ribbon Week
From Kiko: hey ya.

Topic: ford dealership in capo beach is shady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Rich Rader: How can anyone respond to a statement that does not supply one fact? I would love to supply the facts, but it is obvious that you would not want anyone to know whant really took place.

Topic: Body Found in Motor Home
Story: A Dana Point man has been charged with murder after AC Tow in San Clemente found a dead woman inside an unplugged freezer inside his RV.
No comments as of yet.

A dead woman in an unplugged freezer inside an RV?
What kind of comments could be made over such a horror?

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