Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cashman Shows Genius For Re-Fielding A Champion

What do these ladies ( above ) have in common?

They are all die-hard Yankee fans who have a response to Brian Cashman's brilliant idea to bring soon-to-be 37 year old Carlos Beltran to the Yankees.  For, let's say, a 3-5 year deal at $15 million per.

 See if you can judge their reaction.  Anyone feel the same?

If Cashman pulls off this debacle, he should be stripped naked and tarred. He should be forced to marry his stalker.

If Hal and Hank approve this debacle, they should be stripped naked and sent to Syria.  They can be married to camels, for all I care.

What could be more demoralizing to Yankee fans?

Carlos Beltran only thrived in St. Louis because he had departed New York.  He could not play to his potential in the glare of the Mets' public eye.  Imagine how he'll do in the new, faux stadium of the Yankees!

I promise he will fail here.  More importantly, he won't care.  He'll love the retirement pay and the glamour of the Big Apple.

 Ken Phellps has been re-incarnated.

Heck, let's go a step further and throw in a few no name prospects ( who, invariably, become stars for other teams ).


Yankee fans yearn for a smart, re-building program. We are willing to endure losing seasons if we see potential.  If we see grit and effort.  If we see a little imagination and brain power.  If we see some guts.

I said it was a terrible sign when the Yankees re-signed Joe Girardi ( and I like Joe ).  But his signing is an indicator that the Yankees' approach to 2014 and beyond will remain status quo;

1.  Same over-use of old, over-paid, former stars.
2.  Same lack of youth.
3.  Same hodgepodge of players who don't even know each others' names.
4.  Same striving for the play-in wild card spot.
5.  Same Bull-crap rhetoric about how the Yankees can win it all.

Meanwhile, we have seen our last championship run, and many of us can only look forward to sharing meals with Carlos Beltran in the Riverdale retirement Home.

Do we need any more evidence that the Yankee organization is now formally brain-dead?


John M said...

I worked in advertising for years. Still do, kind of. (Long boring story.) Typically, on a shoot for a commercial, with the on-camera dialogue footage in the can, the director called for quiet so the sound guy could get a recording of 'room tone.' This was just the ambient sound of the studio we were shooting in. In case we needed to do an overdub in a deadened sound studio, the room tone could be laid in under the overdub so it matched the sound quality of the original on-camera lines.

One time, there was a particularly useless agency person at the shoot, totally clueless. My creative partner suggested we have a t-shirt made for her with the words 'Room tone' printed on the front.

How many people are in the Yankee front office? Perhaps we could take up a collection and make them some t-shirts.

joe de pastry said...

What's up with all the "stripped naked" references, Alphonso? The only person employed by the Yankees I'd like to see stripped naked [voluntarily] is Meredith Morocketits.

Kate Conroy said...

Alphonso - I hear your sentiments and if we lived in a perfect world the idea of the Yankees re-bulding a team and having a flourishing farm system is a nice idea...but the Yankees already tried this and it did not work.

The Red Sox winning the WS in 2004 & 2007 caused the Yankees to work on developing their farm system like crazy. I don't know fans realize how much focus the Yankees have spent on developing players and their farm system because they still spend money and have a huge payroll.

The farm system has proven rotten this season, as the this would have been the time the crop of young, home-grown players would have emerged.

You wrote this: "Yankee fans yearn for a smart, re-building program. We are willing to endure losing seasons if we see potential. If we see grit and effort. If we see a little imagination and brain power. If we see some guts."

Please speak for yourself as I completely disagree with you. I do not want to endure losing seasons, unless the Yankees plan on cutting ticket prices in half or more and prices of stadium food to go along with watching a team going no where.

I am all for the Yankees spending money on a player like Beltran for two seasons, as what was the biggest issue in 2013? Lack of power at the plate.

The Yankees are good at retooling...and your sentiments, while sweet have already been happening for years but the plan is not panning out. The reason no one noticed is because the Yankees were also bringing in big free agents at the same time to try to win. Coming up as a prospect in NY is not the same as St. Louis or Tampa Bay for man reasons....spot light, harsh fans and relentless media. That is just a fact.

Overall,in my opinion, winning the division in baseball is the toughest thing to accomplish as once you are in the postseason it is any teams WS to win. A team needs to be built to win their division, and the Yankees need power bats to do that in the AL East.

As a Yankee fan, I want to win in 2014. It stinks to not have the Yankees in the playoffs at all. I miss taking the 4 train to the Bronx for the best time in baseball of the season....October. So please don't act like you are in the majority hear as I live in the Big Apple, was born in Manhattan and the Yankees fans I know, which are plenty, want to win now not later.