Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where were we? Oh, yeah, the Daily News was telling us how its earnest, four-reporter team was not simply carrying MLB's water in the war on A-Rod

Last week, Michael O'Keeffe of the Daily News went tongue to tongue with radio's Mike Francesa over of MLB's bitter battle with Alex Rodriguez. It was compelling to hear. At times, it sounded like a de facto debate between MLB (O'Keeffe) and A-Rod's lawyers (Francesa).

Throughout the discussion, O'Keeffe denied having an axe to grind with A-Rod, stressing that the four-person team is simply chasing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him. And here's what the scribes of sanctimony ginned up yesterday.

"Rat out?"

Well... as long as you use "allegedly," everything's fine, right?

I know, I know... why bother? It's just tabloid crapola, screaming into the mike, clasping butts, trying to out-shout all the rest. Hell hath no fury like a tabloid scorned. Why are we even looking? Still, I thought the News would try a little harder to appear fair. That headline plays into everything Francesa said about the News becoming Bud Selig's personal leak farm.

What conclusion can we take? Here's one:

The News is going to attack A-Rod for the duration of his Yankee career. For better or worse, right or wrong, the paper wants to run him out of New York.

It's going to be a long winter.


Anonymous said...

When Buck Showalter, a shrewd evaluator of talent and human beings, arrived in Texas, his first order of business was getting rid of Alex Rodgriguez, then at the peak of his playing powers. That should tell you all you need to know about this guy. And now that he can barely bend down to pick up a baseball, you want to launch a crusade on his behalf? Even if only out of self-interest as a Yankee fan, you should be sending fan letters to the Daily News reporting team.

el duque said...

I wish A-Rod was gone. Every Yankee fan does. But he's getting a raw deal. Fifty games, fine. Maybe 65, to go with Braun. Two hundred, ridiculous, especially after they cut the deal with Bartolo Colon, allowing "time served."

Anonymous said...

Raw, shmaw. The more games, the better for the Yankees--financially and in every other way. As Burt Gordon says to Eddie Felson in The Hustler, "Sometimes you have to be hard, Eddie."

Parson Tom said...

and why should Yankee fans be concerned about the money the team has contracted with A-Rod. They have had the highest payroll for more than a decade and have one championship to show. I want them to pay their obligations. There is certainly not going to be any kind of price break to fans, and at this point, I'm more than a little doubtful that they will take any savings they get from the A-Rod suspension, however long it may turn out to be, and use it for anything more than tired arms and creaky backs. A-Rod is a distraction. Yankee management is the problem.

KD said...

Yeah. A-Rod is a rotten cheater and should get just as much punishment as Ortiz did following his positive PED test.

Huh? What's that you say?

Anonymous said...

Boy--Yankee masochism runs deep. Some Yankee fans actually want to see more rather than less of this giant millstone.

There's no evidence that Ortiz was a repeat offender--but there's a whole tanker full of evidence that A-rod is.

All this petty whining about what a raw deal Arod is getting--you want him? Then you can have him and revel as he drags your franchise down into the murky depths.