Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Ex-Yankees 2013 All-Stars

The Batting Order

cf Austin Jackson, Detroit (12-49-.272)
rf Melky Cabrera, Toronto (3-30-.279)
lf Nick Swisher, Cleveland (22-63-,246)
 dh Raul Ibanez, Seattle, (29-65-.248)
3b  Eric Chavez, Arizona(9-44-.281)
1b Jason Giambi, Cleveland (9-31-.183)
c Russell Martin, Pittsburgh (15-55-.226)
2b  Chris Nelson, California (3-18-.220)
ss Ramiro Pena, Atlanta (3-12-.278)

c Jose Molina, Tampa (2-18-.233)
c Will Nieves, Arizona  (1-22-.297)
c Dioneer Navarro, Chicago Cubs (13-34-.300)
dh Lance Berkman, Texas (6-34-.242)
of Chris Dickerson, Baltimore (4-13-.238)
lf Jose Tabata, Pittsburgh (6-33-.282)

Bartolo Colon, Oakland (18-6-2.65)
Jose Quintana, Chicago White Sox (9-6, 3.45)
AJ Burnett, Pittsburgh (10-11-3.30)
Zach McAllister, Cleveland (9-9-.3.75)
Ian Kennedy, San Diego (7-10, 4.91)

 Jake Westbrook, St. Louis (7-8-4.63)
 Randy Choate, St. Louis  (2-1-2.29)
  Tyler Clippard, Washington (6-3, 2.71)
 Luis Ayala, Atlanta (2-1-3.27)
 LaTroy Hawkins, Mets (3-2, 2.97)
 Chad Gaudin, San Francisco (5-2, 3.08)
 Rafael Soriano, Washington (3-3, 42 saves) 


KD said...

Funny to see Giambi on your list. However, on second thought, he's about the right age for our current team. Maybe the Schmindians will take Pronk back in exchange for Jason. Even trade!!

Parson Tom said...

I am particularly pleased that we didn't choose to resign Russell Martin. Stewart and JR Murphy more than made up for his limited production at the plate. Also, I am doubly pleased that we off-loaded AJ Burnett to make room for Pineda. That was an important improvement, and now that the Pirates are in the post-season, it reminds me of the value-added we enjoyed with Rick Rhoden while Doug Drabek toiled in anonymity. It surprises me every year to see these teams defy all odds while advancing deep into the playoffs with bullpens made up of young arms. I happen to know that that is not a long-term plan for success because I am a Yankee fan.

KD said...

Yes, Tom. Russell really sucked yesterday for the Pirates, didn't he. we were so wise to give his mercenary ass the boot. Go Yankees!!

Tex Message said...

Russell Martin on playing in the Bronx:

"The Bronx, the expectation is to win the World Series, and if you don't then you're kind of a disappointment," said Martin, who has thrived since parting ways with the Yankees, out of the playoffs partly because they struggled to find a replacement at catcher. "There's not much fun in that."

Makes me hesitant about rooting for the Pirates, but I still will out of loyalty to AJ Burnett and what he did for us in 2009.


JM said...

I'm looking forward to a Pirates-Indians WS. It's not likely, but it would be a lot of fun. Russ and AJ vs. Swish. That's entertainment.

Parson Tom said...

By the way, that is a seriously bad-ass picture heading this post: Duque: Can we please have a caption?

el duque said...

Here goes:

"Seven of the American League's 1937 All-Star players, from left to right Lou Gehrig, Joe Cronin, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Charlie Gehringer, Jimmie Foxx, and Hank Greenberg. All seven would eventually be elected to the Hall of Fame."

Parson Tom said...

runnetw Love it! Hank Greenburg was no small man.

Alphonso said...

I am the only one who has no clue what some of the numbers signify.

For example; Austin Jackson (12-49-.272 ) What does 12-49 mean?

el duque said...

HRs - RBIs - Batting Average


Anonymous2 said...

Mark Melancon (remember him, too?) belongs with the bullpen pitchers. 3-2-1.39, 16 saves+26 holds