Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Folks, it's early, but this might not be a Yankee century

Make no mistake: The Yankees won the last Millennium. Twenty six world championships. Ha. Next "closest" were the Cardinals and A's - and the word "closest" is a joke. They each won nine.

But let's ask the fundamental baseball question: Whattaya done lately?

Well, we've contended. In the new century, here are the current standings:

Cardinals/Redsocks/Yankees/Giants 2
Phillies, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Angels, White Sox 1

Odds are, we're about to fall behind the Cards or Redsocks. But it's early. In terms of a century, it's about April 20.

But if Boston wins, they will not only lead in the New Millennium, but move into fourth on the all-time list of world championships. Here are the standings.

Yankees 27
Cardinals 11
Athletics (Oakland and Philadelphia) 9
Giants (San Francisco and NY)/ Redsocks  7
Dodgers (LA and Brooklyn) 6Reds/Pirates 5
Tigers  4

Unless our disembodied brains are being used to run traffic lights, we won't make it to see who wins the next century. I figure I've got 25 years left, the last 10 in diapers, spouting Dr. Seuss poems while playing Pacman. In terms of baseball clubs, that's maybe one Jeter/Mariano dynasty left in my lifetime. Right now, I'd take it - because it's hard to imagine this doddering, farm-dead franchise developing anything other than lakefront properties for its executives.

I know what you're thinking: Last fall, nobody figured Boston would look like the 2013 World Champions. But they dumped salary and put themselves into position for a turnaround. We're still sinking in our own muck. This talk about signing Beltran and McCann - yeesh, that's just trying to staunch the bleeding: It's not building a team. Add another year to our aging lineup, and we could easily be worse in 2014. You think this fall is depressing? If Cano leaves, C.C. continues to degrade and Tex's wrist compromises his play... good grief, we could be in fifth.

You don't win a century without developing star players. In this Millennium, we have raised one: Robbie Cano - who we might be about to lose. We traded Alfonso Soriano, Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy... but none are Robbie.

Brian Cashman took over the Yankees in 1998. You can judge his results in one of two ways: You can say he's won more rings (4) than any other GM. Or you can say he inherited a great team from Bob Watson and Gene Michael, and he's won one ring ever since. Your call. But it's getting time for Cashman to start thinking of his successor, the way Bob Watson once did. Stick Michael remained a part of the team. Cashman could do the same. Who the hell is Billy Eppler? Word is, it might soon be his team.

In two weeks, we may be tied for second in this Century. Tied for second. That's not what the New York Yankees are about.

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Buhner's Ghost said...

Wouldn't the Red Sox be 4th all-time if they win the WS?