Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yanks Plan On Extracting Bumper Crop From Encroaching Desert

In this morning's Daily News a famed sports reporter inserted a qualifier into his article about the Yankee's future, and approach to re-building a competitive team;  the qualifier was in the
vein of:  " assuming that they take actions to get more productivity from their farm system..."

Think about that for a moment.

How do the Yankees suddenly get, "more productivity from their farm system?"

If you are growing beets, you get beets.  You don't suddenly get beef cattle by wishing it to be so.

At present, and for the foreseeable future, there is simply nothing thriving from any Yankee plantings anywhere.  At best, during the last decade, the Yankees have produced a dwindling, highly mediocre crop yield, suitable only for canned vegetables targeted for export to third world countries, to help abate world hunger.

Translation;  we have produced nothing of quality.  Just tasteless and lifeless stuff with a few calories and barely acceptable levels of nutrition.

 Has no one noticed that a vast and expanding desert now surrounds and dominates the few remaining green plantings called, yankee prospects?

Soon, and inevitably, the last drops of moisture will be sucked into the sand and the hard truth will be;  there is nothing to water and nothing to eat.

We shall be forced to buy food to stay alive.  Not an enviable position.  Not a position that will ever result in self-sustainability.  Being dependent upon others for sustenance just drains the bank account and invites exploitation.

The Yankees have to invest in new land and cultivate it themselves.  And they need a proven person who can identify quality farmland, orchestrate the correct plantings, use the proper fertilizers and harvest sustaining bumper crops of top quality product.

That person does not currently exist in the Yankee organization.

Re-signing Joe, while sentimentally obvious, is not a good leading indicator that critical and uncomfortably radical changes for the better are going to occur.

The last thing the Yankees need is a re-hashing and acceleration of failed strategies for crop development.

2013 was the learning laboratory for that.

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