Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Now THIS is copy

From today's Daily News' cheesecake machinery: 

Why can't we all write like this?

"A-Rod's a sure-fire Hall of Famer when it comes to the women. From Kate Hudson to Cameron Diaz, take a look back at some of the Yankee's leading ladies ... Alex Rodriguez has hit a home run with current flame Torrie Wilson! The blond beauty, a former WWE diva who has been dating the Yankees slugger since December 2011, showed off her incredible washboard abs as she topped off her tan in Miami during a carefree getaway with her all-star beau ..."


KD said...

Oh, sure he can get those types. But what about a nice, big-boned Midwestern gal??

Derek Jeter, laughing quietly to himself, said...

Mister Torrie.

JM said...

Blonde beauty? Well, it is a New York tabloid. They have pretty low standards.

This is probably the first girlfriend he's had who can bench press him. That might be something he's into.

el duque said...

John M,

I think Bardball wants to run your Grandyman ditty. Can you contact me?