Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Twilight of the Yankees... and the end of Snooki?

On the Princeton/MIT Celebrity Career-Trajectory Model, being eliminated on Dancing With the Stars is tantamount to being waived as a designated hitter, after batting .219 with 2 home runs. It's Andruw Jones time. Maybe you can go to Japan. The fact is, you were once a star, and soon you'll be a gym coach.

Last night, Snooki brought the lid down on a sterling eight-year reality career, clomping in the footsteps of Bristol Palin, Jerry Springer and all those who ever laced up their cleats and hit the dance floor for one last stab at the rubber chicken of fame.

I missed it. So did you, I bet. But the St. Louis Cardinals weren't the only ones stumbling in the base paths.  Let the record show that the Redsocks took command of the 2013 World Series on the night they drove old Snooki down.

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KD said...

Come home to Jersey, Snooki, you're our kind of gal. We'll find a cushy adjunct professor slot for you here at Rutgers.