Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Same Old, Expensive Formula….A Massive Cover-up

As no one knows, I have been living in the high desert country for the past month, trying to "dry-out" from one of the most disappointing Yankee seasons ever.

I am now back in civilization and have managed to access this blog.

The news is startling, but hardly unexpected.

In summary, we are paying outrageous amounts of fortune to a group of 30+, oft-injured players, from a variety of teams.  

It will be another season of reading line-ups every day to see if we recognize anyone.

This is an evolution  that is leaving me cold, as it was in the high desert.

I grew up knowing every Yankee, and most key members of our farm system.  Cashman,'s reign has failed in every measure, as there is no such thing as a Yankee farm system.  True, we have a bunch of nobodies, mostly over 30 themselves, who make a decent living playing ball, but who will never make a difference at the major league level.

Given Cashman's formula for "re-building " ( an heretical term in Yankee land ), it seems generally uneconomical for the Yankees to even maintain teams in the minors.

All he has to do, is wait until former stars have burned out, give them an irresistible payday, and sign them.

Presto, the Yankees have a new team.

A boring, ineffectual one for sure, but one that Cashman can defend by claiming ; " these were all great ballplayers ( once ).  I don't understand why they can't perform as Yankees.  It must be the NYC media pressure."

Wouldn't it be nice if we had one, young Yankee with potential?

Sadly, we don't.

How can you love a team that is made up only of former red socks and Braves?

Particularly, when they are clearly beyond their best years.


John M said...

Alphonso brings up a good point. Since we're so incredibly bad at managing and stocking a farm system, why not eliminate it entirely? That way, we don't have to worry about how weak it is, and we can use the extra money to pay a year's salary for Shin-Soo Choo or whoever we target as our next savior.

It's time we cut our losses and go after the aging free agents full bore. Kids--who needs 'em?

el duque said...

He's going to be rappelling from his building in Connecticut Friday. So... are you planning to cut his rope?