Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Yankees must retire Number 24!

One of the four greatest Yankee second-basemen of all time*, Robinson Canoe, has left the team for greener pastures.  

Is there not a way to honor him, in a manner befitting his Yankee legacy?

Just spit-balling here:

1. Retire number 24. Let no starter ever again wear the vaunted jersey. It should stand apart from others, a number to burn in the hearts of Yankee fans forever. Yes, there will be other Yankee stars. But "24" should only be given to third-string catchers, sixth outfielders and the 33-year-old rookies that comprise the Yankee farm system. My choice for 2014: Michael Pineda.

2. A statue in Monument Park. Currently, there is not even an engraved brick in CF to signify the great work Mr. Canoe did for the Yankees. That must be remedied. The team should commission a life-sized plastic statue of the man in his customary pose - jogging - with a bank-slot along the back, so tourists can insert coins. The money will go to the Jay Z Sports Agency Fund, which is dedicated to showing how much craftier the famed entertainment mogul is than other sports agents, and always remembering the bottom line.

3. Robinson Canoe Day at Yankee Stadium. Fans will be encouraged to donate cans of corn to Mr. Canoe's favorite charity: Mr. Canoe. The crowd can be entertained by Jay-Z, singing a medley of songs about his love for New York City. This day will be held only once, sometime in the future - perhaps the distant future - when the Yankees have captured their 28th World Championship. It will be held late in the day, on West Coast time, so Mr. Canoe can watch.

*After Willie Randolph, Tony Lazzeri and Bobby Richardson.


Alphonso said...

Let's manufacture, "giveaway sized" plastic statues with the coin slot.

What will IIHIIF have to pay for the rights?

KD said...

The "Jogging Robbie" bank should have a slot not for coins, but for large-denomination bills. Or perhaps a coin slot could be devised that accepts only gold?

manx said...

They should show Tino Martinez winning championships specifically with that number showing on the Bam Tino. Let Robbie Caknow who got the job done with that number.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Mr. Cano. In 7 years when he is burnt out and unproductive, the Yankees will trade young prospects for a back up second baseman who wants to retire in pinstripes. A glorious time will be had by all!

Anonymous said...

are you f'ing stupid? he got a huge contract by leaving and you think he needs to be honored.