Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Am Sick To Death.....

....of newspaper articles about Tanaka using a slower pitching approach, as a strategic discipline.

Has some Japanese idol informed him that 89 mph fastballs are better setting up the slider, or the change-up, than the 95mph fastball?

Is the snail now the national bird of Japanese hurlers, worldwide?

Stop with this stupid rant.  There is nothing strategic about it.  It is, pure and simple, an attempt to keep pitching with a lower caliber arm.

But I say this;  if he doesn't win any games, whatever he purports to be doing is dog crap.

And I am keeping records of how many times, Girard, Cashman, Larry what's his name ( pitching coach ) support this idiotic lie.

And if the Yankees hire Colin Powell to speak on Tanaka's strategic behalf, we'll all know it is, "lies, lies and more lies." 

There is no weapon of mass destruction being hidden in Tanaka's arm.

Here's something to ponder;  suppose Tanaka is 0-14 at the all star break, averaging 4 2/3 innings per start, 84-90 pitches an outing, and has an ERA of 8.  However, he says, " My arm feels fine.  I am intentionally pitching at lower velocities than I am able to generate.  It is a strategy for longevity."

Then what, folks?

Please writers and heads that bob and speak;  no more discussion about how this lowered pitch velocity is a strategy.  Otherwise, I will be dead of disbelief.


ceeja said...

Yeah he sucked. Let's see how he is the second time out.

John M said...

Michael Kay, paid shill: "Sabathia gave up 4 runs in the second inning, but he's looked really good in the other innings." This was after five.

Mid-season form, boyo.

Shane Greene said...

Celerino Sanchez said...

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