Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is That Nunez At Short?

So I just finished watching the most boring Yankee offense of all time, posting 10 strikeouts through the first 7 innings.  A personal best for the 30 year old journeyman pitcher of the O's.

Seriously, you could predict the K's with impunity.  Yankee batters would take a meat ball down the middle for strike one, and then flail at balls in the dirt.  Making no contact whatsoever.

For awhile, we had as many errors as hits.  Which brings me to my point;

Didi was hitting .120  before blooping an opposite field single in the 8th.  I remember when he got hot for a while in spring training, and I thought we might have something.  Having given up Shawn Greene, among others, to get him ( Shawn is 2-0 for Detroit and pitched another gem today), I really felt comforted that we might have a legitimate player who was going to blossom in the pinstripes.

However, there are so many plays he botches that Derek made, even in his latter years.  Double play balls have become a high risk proposition and, rather than routine, a spectacle of errors.  It is high drama when the Yankees have a chance to kill a rally by turning a ground ball into two outs.  And Tex continues to make amazing plays on poor throws, saving even more disaster.

So far, I have seen a guy( Didi) who can't hit a lick, doesn't run the bases well, and makes all kinds of errors both physical and mental.  Nunny comes to mind.  Only Nunez could hit.

Are we screwed or is it far too early to judge?

By the way, it was great to see Murphy nail two base-stealers yesterday.  He redeemed himself on that count, a bit.


Anonymous said...

And why can't he bunt with no out and runners on first and second instead of popping out to short center field.

John M said...

And the answer is...yeah, we're screwed.