Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Gammonite story line: Innocent and pure Josh Hamilton was destroyed by conniving succubus

The world according to sportswriters...

He never wanted to leave Texas. This is where he belonged. This is the place that understood him. He could have his troubles, daily issues, and they adapted to him.
Yet, once he chased the money, letting his wife follow her dreams with talks of a Hollywood movie and a deal to be on the "Real Housewives of Orange County,'' his comfort zone dissipated.
It was never going to work.

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ceeja said...

Don't worry. In his next column this guy will say it's all Hamilton's fault.

My favorite was watching Lupica do 180's on the Elliot Spitzer scandal.

Day 1: poor girl led astray by evil guv

Day 2: The little tart lives too high, spending money like water

Day 3: I hate 'em both

Day 4: The people are tired of this scandal; blame the media

Day 5: (not published -- I'd give what little is left of my soul to roll in the sheets for 5 minutes with the nasty strumpet)