Friday, April 24, 2015

Lying Low

It just seemed the right move.  Don't say anything as long as the Yankees were playing well against Detroit.  Don't post anything.  No rocking the boat.

Let me say that again;  against Detroit.  The line-up which prompted CC Sabathia to declare, " that lineup should be illegal."

It is a line he used to say about the Yankees, when he was with Cleveland.  Just after the end of the civil war, when George was running things.

No one says that about the Yankee lineup now.  I still can only name two guys in the bullpen.  Everyone else, it seems, is named Wilson ( a horrid name amongst Giants' fans ).

In any case, the Yankees now move from the snow belt back to the frost belt of Yankee stadium.  We have no chance of beating Matt Harvey tomorrow, so tonight is the moment.  We need a, " David Price," first inning against the Mets' starter.  60 pitches and 8 runs should do it.

I will look in my Ju-Ju jar for some old favorites.

 But Duque ( as usual ) is right.  This series is for hearts and minds.


joe de pastry said...

Because the afternoon game didn't conflict with the hockey playoffs I watched most of it yesterday--about as much as I've seen of all the previous games combined. Tanaka's arm hasn't fallen off yet-that's good. Offense-especially Beltran and McCann-looks pathetic. Where's the great new shortstop? Geez, they're in first place! But it is only April, and the old guys aren't on the DL yet.

John M said...

I expected a Spring of false hopes. Remember, we have a guy named Didi.