Saturday, April 11, 2015

You Are Dead Wrong

Last night's loss ( actually, this morning's loss ) was the standard for the season.

The old Yankees will valiantly give effort, but fail.  The legs tire, the arms tire, the mind tires.  The team loses the close ones.  Every time.

Today, all the talk will be that Adam Warren has to give the bullpen a rest.  He has to go 8 innings.  Unlikely.  But the red socks pitcher might.

And our young guns, Noonan, Petit and Pirela ( on the DL ), will have to outshine the Boston rookie sensations.  GFL on that one, folks.

The season is over.

You are dead wrong when you say it isn't.


Leinstery said...

They somehow look worse than the Mets have looked for the past 7 years. They can't hit, we all knew that. Their fielding, a supposed strength, could be even worse than their hitting. They look lost when they finally get someone on base. Their pitching is alright and would be good enough to win if they had any sort of offense behind it, but is one run a game really considered offense? They will contend this year. They will contend with the Phillies for worst team in the league. They suck, they really fucking suck.

Time to get a new poll going, "How many games under .500 will they be at the all star game". Safe bet is 20.

Not Anonymous said...

If you really want Cashman fired, this is probably the only way its going to happen.

John M said...