Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sunday Night Could Be the Yankee's Version Of; "The Wreck Of The Mary Deere."

Full Fathom Five, thy father lies.  You can't see the tragedy any longer.

It lies buried beneath a tranquil sea.

For those of you who watched the first 8 innings of today's laugher ( for most of the game the Yankee's line was all A-Rod....1 hit...1 run...1 error....all from Mr. Rodriguez).  Then, the errors started to kick in all over.

 Ryan Murphy must have the worst arm of any catcher in baseball.  Weak and off target.  He also was asleep at the switch when some 240 pound Red Sock stole second on a high inside pitch.  It is almost as if Murphy was taking a call on his cell. 

Our fine, multi-purpose right fielder back-up, utility player let a key fly ball pop out of his glove., clearing the bases. Arod, at first, is clown college. Seriously, it is a repeat of last year when Beltran and McCann played games at first base, only with an older, less experienced guy at the position.  Why not let CC Sabathia play there?

 Is this what Brian Cashman has wrought?  Have we only progressed backwards?  Can't wait to hear how, Hal ( "I'm not cheap" ) responds with disappointment and fury at this fiasco of a performance.

Just as an aside;  I can't remember a worse Yankee line-up in 30 years.

So tomorrow night, after a week of excuses and digressions, we get to see Tanaka again.  This could be it folks.  The rocky shoals and the 16 foot waves approach.  If Tanaka goes down again, the Yankees will all know the season is over.

Gulp.  Glug, glug.


Anonymous said...

tanaka could pitch a no hitter and these lame yankees will lose.
giradi is playing arod at first out of desperation because at least he can hit some. the aside from gardner and elsbury, the yankees have no bats.

Alphonso said...

And Brett is at the .200 mark, I think

John M said...

Alphonso, he is .235, I think, after yesterday's game.

The last time the Yankees were this bad, I didn't watch a game for two or three years, but I had a lot of sybaritic distractions in those days. In the late 60s, when I was a kid, I watched every chance I got sitting in our upstate living room, which wasn't that often in those pre-cable days. Those teams were worse than this one, but although I had given up on Santa Claus by then, I always hoped where the Yankees were concerned.

Now, I am older, wiser, and much sadder. I want to like the Mets, but it seems genetically impossible to be interested in them.

The existential despair is overwhelming. The new X Files don't air until the fall. What the hell do I do all summer?

Alphonso said...

I recommend watching the women's world cup soccer matches in June; and the men's national team plays in Gold Cup competition.

There is one possible upside; if the Yankees start collapsing with injuries to the older players, Cashman might be forced to bring up some of the young guys.

It may turn out that they stink, but at least they would be interesting to watch.