Saturday, April 25, 2015

If Tex Is Really Back... the Poem

If only we can beat the Mets,
If Boston loses Mookie Betts,
If A-Rod somehow hits a bunch,
And Carlos Beltran earns his lunch...
Our team could finish in the black,
Not wither at the warning track.
We'd actually have a bold attack...
If Tex is really back.

If C.C. salves the wounds of time,
If Didi turns out worth a dime,
If Headley brings a few clutch blasts,
And Masahiro's elbow lasts...
Then we can add another plaque,
And dance like Strahan with a sack,
No cleanup slugger will we lack...
If Tex is really back.

Ah, but dreams! they're known to drift,
Like fielders in an over-shift,
And spring's a time to see rebirth,
But fall is when teams rule the earth.
Let's savor every vict'ry snack,
And cheer his every home run whack,
We'll all be high, like smoking crack...
If Tex is really back.


John M said...

He doesn't hit much, but when he does they go out. I'd still rather see the average up 75 points, but what the heck. Swing for the porch, Marko!

Anonymous said...

We're ridin high in april, but we could be shot down in may

Leinstery said...

12 hits on the year. 7 are homeruns, 4 are doubles. If he bats .220 and only gets extra base hits I'll say he's the best hitter in baseball.