Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let's Win One For The Gipper !

These Yankees are fighters.

They don't go out with a whimper, but with a bang.

Sure, Cashman has created another phoney set of hopes and expectations.

True, the " I'm not cheap" brothers failed to invest in the future.

But, dammit, these Yankees are going down to Tampa ( St. Petersburg, actually ), to take on the last, but not least, of their AL East division rivals.  And they are going down with a chip on their shoulders.

Cashman's team lost 2 of 3 to Toronto.
Cashman's team lost 2 of 3 to Boston.
Cashman's team lost 2 of 3 to Baltimore.

Who was it who said, " the secret to being successful in this game is to win each series?"  Brian Cashman.  And Joe Girardi.  And Joe Torre. And Casey Stengel.  And George Steinbrenner.  It is the one universal truth of baseball.  The one thing you can predict.

So let's get behind this team.  Let's not give up a thing.  Not a pitch.  Not an error. Not a scratch hit. Let's battle hard, every second.

Let's go down to meet the Tampa Rays and win one for the Gipper.

1 of 3, that's our speed.  We own it.


el duque said...

John Sterling says you need to win two out of three.

Suzyn has agreed.

Alphonso said...

What do they know? One at a time is good for me.

KD said...

It's just a different kind of anticipation we have going nowadays. used to be that I'd watch games in wonder what was going to happen in order for us to come back and win. Now I watch in anticipation of some event which will have us squandering any lead and losing.

Alphonso said...

I think we shall all soon be watching for injuries; the pulled hammy, the sore back, the swollen wrist; the elbow ligament tweak.

Things that could force the Yankees to bring up young players. Even if they suck.

I wonder, for example, if we will ever see Juan Pirela? Is he still in the post concussion laboratory? It has been about 2 months now.