Thursday, April 9, 2015

John Sterling's first Win-Warble of 2015 clocked-in at an uninspired 5.73 seconds

Maybe it was that fire over the winter, which left him homeless. Or maybe, like Tanaka with his tender elbow, The Master is holding back, afraid to unleash the full magnitude of his vocal prowess. But John Sterling last night blew a rather meager 5.73 second Win-Warble in commemorating the first Yankee victory of 2015.

A solid Win-Warble runs at least six seconds. The longest recorded Sterl Hurl in history is a 7.76 second walk-off victory over Oakland on Sept. 22, 2012. That was more than 2 seconds longer than last night's effort.

As a side note, John did not give us a cry-out on A-Rod's long fly to left, as posited below. He called it as a long fly, but later asked Suzyn if it wouldn't have gone out on a sunny day. Of course, Suzyn said yes. 

An A-Bomb... defused.

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Tex Message said...

Maybe his win warbles were also driven by Jeep. :(