Saturday, April 2, 2016

"This is roughly like choosing among the 5 remaining morons to be the President...."

A comment this morning from Joe Formerly of Brooklyn:

One huge problem (in my opinion) is that -- whether they finish 1st or 5th -- the 2016 Yankees do not seem like a team that will be FUN to watch.

You might have made the case that watching Bird, Sanchez, Ref, and some of the other young guys -- if any of them had had a marvelous (and uninjured) spring -- would be interesting. Maybe FUN.

You can't make that case. Watching Alex stroll up to the plate or Sabathia pitch is depressing. Alex should be behind bars. CC should be behind the podium at numerous AA meetings.

SO: In 2016, we gotta watch Luis, Starlin + Sir Didi -- tolerate Chapman, hope Betances isn't over-used before May 31, and root for Miller to actually be able to play the game with one hand. Essentially, you will have to ignore the other 19 players.

Yes -- this is roughly like choosing among the 5 remaining morons to be the President. You can wince and curse, but one of them IS likely to win in November. Thinking about the choices is painful. BUT: Enduring the Presidency of one of these folks might well be WORSE.

Is Chase Headley really gonna get 140 games at 3B? Is poor Beltran going to be sent out to RF for at least 7 innings per game? Must I watch games waiting for Texeira, Gardner, and Ellsbury to injure themselves? . . . or to provide evidence that an injury happened (Gardner in 2nd half 2015).....

Will my idea of a "victory" in 2016 be defined as "Brian McCann slaps a double down the left-field line" . . . ?

None of that sounds like FUN. It might actually be worse. The 2016 Yankees really are likely to be like the ongoing political crapola: It's very reasonable to anticipate disaster now, but watching the reality unfold could really suck.

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Alphonso said...

Don't forget all the double plays ( rally killers ) that Tex, Beltran, A-Rod and McCann will hobble into.

Part of the fun will be watching the opposing first baseman glove the throw, dribble the ball to the mound ( third outs ) and head for the dugout before any of these 4 even get into the TV frame.

When does " running" actually become more of a " brisk walk " in sporting events?

We may find out this year.